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    I have been training for 7 months now and have been building my client list for 2 months. I have been offered by my sister if I rent a space up town she would pay my rent for a year and would give me money if things got tough, she wants to do this to help me, because she says she has a gut feeling I am going to be successful. I know it will be a constant learning process, but I feel good about it. I have built most of my clientel through the animal shelter
    (I offer a free groom for any adopted pet) and through referrals, I haven't advertised because I work at the school as a teacher assistant and I have had every saturday booked solid, plus during the week after school, so I couldn't take on too many more customers till june when schools out. I have had a few customers come from other well established shops, telling me I did a better job. I would just like some of your opinions if I am going to fast.

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    If I had gone out on my own that early, it would have been a mistake for me. There are plenty of people who go straight from school and they do well. It sounds like you have the mindset that would help you succeed, but learning from other people in a shop is priceless.


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      You're going very fast, sweetheart. ............ Wish I would have done that 25 years ago!! You don't have to be a GREAT groomer to have a successful business, just being a GOOD person is enough. If you sincerely care about your client's feelings, try to do a nice job on every dog, communicate effectively with the owners, admit mistakes, and are compassionate, you will have a busy and successful shop. Good luck to you.