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Finding Businesses for Sale - Sometimes Under $20,000 or Much Less

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  • Finding Businesses for Sale - Sometimes Under $20,000 or Much Less

    While I have not done a professional evaluation of any of the businesses we are seeing situations where people are moving or other family issues and lowering selling prices dramatically.

    In my own experience I have had several businesses GIVEN TO ME FREE or for $1. Not always a "bad" business either, but they change careers, have to move out of state, military duty or they get rehired and change careers.

    So from great opportunities from a few thousand to beautiful properties with real estate, be sure to see the busiest collection of ads in grooming using the link above.
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    This still happens, we had some go for $5,000 in 2019. When you consider the cost of leasehold improvements and equipment that stayed with the sales, a bargain.

    Many times the urgency and therein low prices relate to owner health issues, and sometimes even a change of career.