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  • HelP!!!

    Hi everyone,

    I left my employer. I would like to start my own grooming salon and boutique. I would like some tips on how to get started and also on attracting clientele. Thank you all so much!!!!!!!!

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    Do you want to open a shop or groom from your house? Also, making a business plan would be a very wise idea.


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      I would like to have my salon in my house, but not able to do that so I would have to rent a building. It looks like I would be able to pay about $400 or so for rent. I have some supplies already.



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        The best thing that worked for me was dropping flyers off at vets. I have to go around and do it again. I haven't done it in a year and a half, and am STILL getting referrals from them. Next best thing is being in a fabulous location. I rent from a dog training facility. Love it.
        No Fur, No Paws, No Service.


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          starting my own grooming salon

          I have been searching for a place to rent. There is this one place I found in a great location with good parking space and the owner only wants $400.00 a month. The big draw back is that it is carpeted (It is an old carpet), but he will not let me remove it and put linoleum down. I will be responsible if the carpet gets ruined. Does anybody know would could be used to protect a large carpet area? I won't be able to put flyers out at the veterinary clinics here since they have their own groomers, but thanks for the suggestion any way. Hey! if you all know of any bargains out there on dryers, etc... please let me know. I'd appreciate it a whole lot.


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            It seems really odd to me that a commercial building owner wouldn't let the tenant make minor changes to the building to suit the business (i.e. linoleum instead of carpet). I'd think twice about renting from that person.. what about the noise that is generated by barking dogs and HV dryers?

            Maybe you could offer to replace the carpeting after you move out.. but even that isn't normal for a commercial rental. If it's a residential, then I suppose I could see where the owner is coming from (however I'd still replace the carpet with linoleum and then put carpet back in there when you leave).

            If the owner won't work with you, then I doubt you want to rent from that individual

            Good luck!!


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              My first building had carpet, the owner allowed me to pull it up and wrap it in plastic, put vinyl flooring down for my duration. After my lease I was to put the carpet back. The benefit to them was they had both floorings to attract a new tenant. I ended up buying the building so I got to pitch that UGLY carpet :-)


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                Thank you all for your comments and great suggestions. I really appreciate your insight. I'll talk to the owner of that building again and hope he'll be a little more acceptable. If not, I'll continue my search for a building. I would like to start my salon by June 1st. Wish me luck!


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                  Are you looking for cheap cage dryers? I just use box fans I got from walmart. Saved me some moola and they dry JUST as well & with no heat. I have a few cage dryers that stay sitting on my shelves.......they are collecting dust Just a suggestion. I had carpet in my building when I rented it, my landlord allowed me to toss it, and we painted the concrete which also saved us money. I put a $20 5x8 rug down in the lobby that I grabbed at walmart and just decorated the shop cute! There are so many ways to make it look nice & save money.... Yard sales, etc help too!
                  Ive been open 8 mos now and during a slower season we would like to put down some linoleum now that we know were stayin for awhile You can always upgrade later!


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                    solution for carpet problem

                    A friend of mine had the same problem with his landlord regarding the carpet. He covered the entire floor with 1/2" plywood and installed vinyl flooring over that - just stapled it around the edge and put in quarter round molding around the perimeters of the rooms. There was an added benefit in that the floor had alot of "give". I helped him out for a week or so and noticed my back and legs felt fine! Also, when he moved his salon, he just took up everything and the carpet was in the same condition it was in when he started. Hope this helps.

                    I hope all goes well for you in your new adventure!

                    poodleUp, Frances


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                      Originally posted by CountryCanines View Post
                      I just use box fans I got from walmart. Saved me some moola and they dry JUST as well & with no heat.
                      That's a really good idea! Do you attach them to the cage doors or just set them in front of the cage banks on the floor?