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Utilities cost (Estimate for Start-Up)

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  • Utilities cost (Estimate for Start-Up)

    Hello all!

    I really need some ballpark figures!! I'm struggling to estimate my start-up costs :/

    What is your monthly cost for grooming around 10-20 dogs a day in:
    credit card?
    rent & sq ft?

    Any advice would really help me budget
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    unfortunatly this is not a question that can be answered accurately for you. obviously rent and utilities will vary as to where you are located, if you own or lease, size of shop, etc. what kind of shampoo? les pooch or hartz? water? are you using a resurculating bath or bath master? I groom about 144 pets per month, my overhead, not including product is roughly $600 a month. I have no idea what my average product use is, someday my husband and I will figure it out. so, since I am only interested in breaking even, I only charge $5 per dog.....


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      I cannot even tell you from one part of this city to the next what youe expenses will be! I mean, we have three power companies that service Albany and I am with the highest price (one of the highest on the country) KWH rate while my home is on the lowest (and oe of the lowest in the country) so......your best bet is to really, go to the local utility company and see if they can pull records for you. Mine will. I can take them an address and they will pull the records for me to see.OR go to the shops and ask!
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