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    How much do you pay your accountant month-by-month? And when starting up your business, will s/he charge an initial fee for that as well? I had read that it was about $12-1500 to start a business, and about $50-100 a month....does that sound right to you guys?

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    It depends on what you want your accountant to do. I pay less than $500 for my business tax prep each year, and I can call whenever I have a questions and they'll help me.

    Now, this accountant also does my home and hubby's business taxes and that's a bit more cause there's more involved.

    I do my own payroll and file my own quarterly reports. Hubby uses a payroll service and that takes a chunk, but right now that's the best solution for our situation.

    You really need to meet with an attorney to see the best way for your business to be set up, then meet with an accountant to get going. Interview several as there are big differences between firms. When we met with our attorney to start hubby's business, he recommended 2 accountants and we chose one of those.