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Please read!!! I need help! Bus. Plans.

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  • Please read!!! I need help! Bus. Plans.

    I am doing a project and need help. If anyone has their business plans you wouldn't mind letting me see.
    Thanks sooo much in advance!

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    What exactly are you looking for? Mine is probably twenty-some pages long and took me for ever to do.


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      Grooming Business in a Box. Available at

      Everything you need to put together a solid business plan with 7 samples for different types of grooming businesses.


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        My bf is doing a paper and he has to choose a business to "start" hypothetically. He decided to do a house call business, since that is what I'm leaning towards doing. But I don't really have time with 2 jobs and starting nursing school. So he baisically has to do everything from start to finish. So if you all are willing to help, please email me anything and everything you have and I will have him sort through it and pick out the exact things he needs.

        Thanks so much!


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          Ours runs 65 pages with charts and research on our service area. It took six months to write and is a "living" document, so it is always being revised. We have it as a PDF, it you want it, let me know on the board. I don't do private messaging here.
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            Thank you so much kats_melody! Please email it to me at khotchkiss @ yahoo . com

            If anyone else has theirs and doesn't mind letting me see please post ASAP as he is on a time constraint.

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              Still waiting for any plans offered................

              Stephen: Most plans contain quite confidential information, sometimes on nearly every page. In fact confidentiality notices are put one the first or all pages of a plan. That may explain and that's why we published 7 sample plans in Grooming Business in a Box, it's best never to share your plan so we did but changed indentities of the plan owners and adjusted their numbers etc.