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    I am currently grooming in someone elses business and she said to get a GST number and register a business name. Is there anything else that i need need to do besides getting a name and a GST number?


    Stephen: In the U.S. every state has different rules. In some states you get a local license only and name registration, in other states like NV or WA, you get a state license registration and sometimes a local license on top of that. Always look at these things asking yourself, 1) Is there a Federal requirement, 2) Is there a state requirement, 3) Is there a county requirement and then 4) Is there a local city/town requirement. That covers all bases. Business names in the US are usually registered with counties unless you incorporate or LLC, LLP etc done at state level. Your local, county and state government info offices and web sites have the requirements listed.

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    Since you say you need a GST number, you might want Stephen to post this in the Canada section.
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      Here in Nova Scotia you need to register your business name but you only need a GST/HST number if you expect to make more than $30,000 in sales. As far as permits, if it's a new spot, make sure you are permitted to do business. I groom at home so that is all I can do. I am not permitted to have a retail area. I do have a online show/pet supply business, that is allowed. Here in my county I am also only permitted to use so much area in my home for business.

      Check you local municipality and business registry. You can also get information on the Revenue Canada website.