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    Hi I'm new and was hoping to get some input. I'm planning on renting a store front to open my business. I'm looking at small spaces as I'm going to be the only groomer. My question is this, what should I be looking at as to rent prices. As a person just starting on my own, do you think I can swing $1000 a month, or even $800? I know in the begining it will be hard but are any solo groomers able to pay that much rent and still turn a profit? I did most of my grooming 20 miles away, so I can't rely on any following. Can any one give me examples of what they pay in rent and what size there places are? I'm really looking for examples of people that do it alone.

    Thank you so much in advance.


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    Do you have any clients now? If not you should probably look for something much lower in rent say the $400 or $500 range. You need to figure on not making any money the first month or 2 you are in business. It would be best to have money saved up to cover your bills for a while =the just in case fund. You have to figure up all of your over head, construction, and so much more. I have heard the grooming business in a box is worth the money. It will help you open the shop that suites your needs.