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Amount of loans for startup

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  • Amount of loans for startup

    I know I'll figure it all out in my business class, but when people usually start their own business and take out a loan, do you usually take out enough to cover your first years lease? I was just figuring out how much that would be without even considering, electricity, water, licensing, equipment and such. Wow I'd need a pretty big loan. I don't see how else you be be assured your lease was paid while you drum up business.

    Were these sort of start up cost what helped a lot of people decide to go mobile as opposed to opening a stationary shop?

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    Most start-up costs are figured at 6 months instead of one year.
    Figure out what it would take to pay for all your expenses for 6 months if no money were to come in. That should be what you ask for.


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      That would certainly be a little more bearable than a years worth Exciting and scary all at the same time.