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  • Keep more of what your clients spend elsewhere!

    Are you losing $300 per year, per pet in your current business structure? The worst part is someone else is taking those dollars away from you. You see, your clients spend that much each year in pet food and treats for each pet they own. If you are like most people we talk to, you're already talking to your clients about pet food, treats, supplements, etc. However, most people in your line of work tell us that they cannot offer pet foods profitably. But that's only because they don't know what we can do for them.
    We have a PROVEN, EASY way for you to put that money back into your business. After all, these are your customers. You've worked hard to get them and you should keep as much of their business as possible.
    We offer a Holistic product line for your customers that is revolutionary.
    Here are our benefits:
    -All natural, human quality pet food and products
    -Holistic Veterinarian formulated
    -No competition because this is not sold in the national chain stores
    -No inventory requirements
    -We pay you on every future sale, for life
    -Don't change a thing. Just do what you're already doing - recommend the best products and we'll do the rest
    If you would like to start putting these profits back into your pocket, contact us or visit us at
    Jeff and Sandy Opachick
    Independent Representatives
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