Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software Now Has Online Appointment Booking

Playing phone tag with customers is time-consuming and takes you away from your tail-wagging

Entering customer data is error prone and wastes more of your precious time, never mind trying to hear over the pets and dryers. This video sums it up

● Let Groomsoft online booking fetch you new customers through your own digital

● If you're established and don’t want new customers, there’s a setting for that too!

● Build your reputation with online customer reviews. Social proof is how people shop
today for everything including grooming for their furry family members.

● Allow customers to schedule appointments 24 hours a day according to your schedule.

● There are many settings to customize the online booking experience to your

● Mobile groomers can set a radius from their location to accept new customers in order to
save money on fuel and when combined with Groomsoft’s mobile grooming software,
you can earn more by driving less and grooming more.

● Best of all, online booking is included with your Groomsoft subscription!

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control of your business today with our user friendly pet grooming software.

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