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FREE Quadruped, Double K Groomers Edge Samples for Verifiable Grooming Professionals

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  • FREE Quadruped, Double K Groomers Edge Samples for Verifiable Grooming Professionals

    All companies have varying limitations governing free sample requests typically limiting them to verifiable professional pet groomers. See their individual websites for qualifications.


    Double K Professional Groomer's Edge line of shampoo and conditioners includes Alpha White, Aromatic, Emerald Black, Grimeinator, Hypo+, Oat Mella, Refurbish conditioner, The Solution for detangling and conditioning and Ultimate shampoo suitable for the widest range of coat types at a value price with 50 to 1 concentration. We also offer Unleashed, coat freshening spray cologne with a long lasting scent. Use this link to learn more about the complete line of products and to request Double K Groomers Edge shampoo, conditioner and detangling samples for professional dog groomers:


    Quadruped Pet Care offers free samples and access to the wholesale section of their web site. Go to:

    The Quadruped Products grooming line was founded in 1997 to serve the professional pet grooming industry. What started with four shampoos has grown to 28 products that currently include shampoos, conditioners and rinses, colognes and pet care topicals. Our product development has been guided by our tender affection and compassion towards the pets our products are meant to serve. All our products are developed and tested with professional groomers, using their input to enhance and fine-tune them. The selection and combination of natural ingredients make our products more than cleansing and conditioning. We try to make the craft of grooming pets more effective with less effort, meaning superior results with less work. Our products rinse faster and dry quicker. They are gentle to bathers’ hands and pets’ skin while deep cleaning with long-lasting scents. Superior conditioning contributes to reduced prep times on long-coated pets that are serviced on a routine basis. All these attributes result in more time for groomers to book additional appointments, to dedicate to other aspects of building up businesses or simply enjoy more personal time. Quadrupeds Products are derived from natural ingredients and are performance-enhanced by the use of botanical blends with an emphasis on utilizing the unique benefits of the Mojave Yucca (Yucca Schidigera) extract. Please take the time to visit our website by clicking on our banner and exploring our product information. Learn about the Mojave Yucca that we use in many of our products and how it works as a tearless, instant eliminator of fleas and ticks, and as a medicated treatment for many skin-related problems. Find out for yourself the uniqueness of Quadrupeds by requesting free 16 oz. samples of our top selling products. Yucca Botanical Royal Shampoo is our deep cleaning, general purpose, medicated, flea and tick, fortifying and brightening shampoo that excels in making scissoring easier.
    Other unique shampoos in our line include Deodorizing Dirty Dog which eliminates skunk odor and other foul scents by neutralizing, not masking, odors. Whitener Brightener Protein Shampoo removes oxidation caused by air-borne pollutants, sun and other environmental sources, adding new life and luster to all color coats and with natural conditioners to revitalize limp or damaged hair adding body and sheen. We also have drying aids, dematting and undercoat removers, colognes, deodorizers and topical care products. To view our other products and receive more information or request free samples, click ALL PRODUCTS ARE BIODEGRADABLE.<br>

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