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    Default Training a referral in cat grooming

    I want to expand or go to a next step, so am working on a few ideas. One is a product I am in the process of making. The other is training someone to go outside my travel area, so I can cover a wider territory.
    I found someone who seems suitable. An actress who wants extra money. She is a cat lover interested in veterinary medicine, referred to me by a friend.
    I would be training her to do claw trims, which is not as easy as it sounds if you want to be able to do them alone, without any injuries, in a client's house.
    What I am struggling with is how to make this mutually beneficial. She needs to make enough that she is eager to do house calls and stay connected to me, instead of going out on her own after training. I need to make enough that my training of her, and my referrals to clients, is worth it to me.
    Once I train her, she would be on her own. I would simply provide screened referrals.
    I can't ask her to pay for training, as she does not have much money.

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    Since you're providing referrals, I would take a percentage or a set fee for each referral....and free show tickets when she performs!
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    Yeah that is tough not being paid directly for training. I did when I started. However I would be glad to pay a percentage so agree with Karla. something on that order.


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