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    Laugh Cat Launch of the Saturn cat rocket Freddy

    Freddy the fastest cat I've ever seen. I bath him every 2 months. I am pristine perfect about asking customers don't come in while I am bathing your cat let alone grooming without knocking and waiting for my reply. Well Freddy was in the sink, two doors were closed into the kitchen. No locks. In walks his owner, no knock and wham this big boy is in my face over my shoulder and out that door. Fast as lightning. At first his wet trail gave us hints where he went in this 2 story. Even a few suds on the carpet helped my sherlock impersonation. It took 15 minutes to find him behind the washer upstairs in this townhouse. Of course the owner was sorry sorry, I have a little bruise on my face, IMPACT from the launch of the cat rocket. All in the life of cat groomer.

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    Wow-a bruise? That's just crazy!
    Owner should have groveled at your feet and given you a $100 tip.


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