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Thread: Re-chipping

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    Goofy Re-chipping

    A customer struck up a conversation about re-chipping. They got a dog they didn't expect from a flea market. The people gave their contact information and it turned out to be wrong. But they said they chipped the dog. Now they are kind of worried that perhaps this is a stolen dog. They don't want to be suspected of that. They have checked for pets notified as lost and nothing came up there. Should they just go ahead and see if the chip can be read and then tell the story? If nothing comes up from that, they can remove the chip and re-chip?

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    This does sound fishy. They should have the chip read-if, indeed, there even is a chip, and contact the person on the chip. The dog could've been taken from another state, so you may not find a lost ad locally.
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    Oh these things open a can of worms. Hopefully the chip and can be read. Sometimes that is not always possible. Start there. Wouldn't you want the pet returned to rightful owner, of course. But if it leads nowhere, well the pet has found you. Then you can have a quick procedure to remove the chip and put a new one in with your info.


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