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    Default My Minpoo, Herniated Disc

    It’s been almost two weeks of awful here in my household. Our 11 year old minpoo had obvious pain and progressed to screaming at times. One emergency vet trip later, armed with muscle relaxants and pain meds for a possible herniated disc in his neck. A second trip to a different emergency vet with a neurologist gave same opinion. Surgery is out of the question financially, so drugging him to his eyeballs and keeping him as quiet as possible while the injury hopefully heals is our best option. Tried crating him but he went ballistic. Have added diazepam and a steroid to the drug regimen, and has been really helping with keeping him quiet and pain free. Thank goodness he loves peanut butter!
    Surgery option would have given a good to excellent prognosis, medication route a fair to good. If it doesn’t help him we are going to have to make ‘that choice’. I can’t even contemplate that.
    My desperate hope in sharing this is that one or more of you will be able to share similar experiences and the outcomes. I am very sorry for anyone who has gone through this experience, but hoping there is some good news out there.

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    I would search, and it may be a drive, for a vet chiro.

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    Right on 4them I have seen remarkable results by animal chiros including horses that could barely walk be trotting after several treatments.

    I take my dogs to a chiropractor every 90 days and they love it. I have Doxies prone to back issues. A good chiro will take xrays, or use xrays from your vet, and evaluate the likelihood of healing. I get some Rimadyl for the initial pain.

    Both my mother and father had herniated discs and surgery didn't heal at all. Pain lessened a little but new problems with mobility created bummer reactions for rest of life.


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