I picked up a couple of Aesculap Fav5's a few years ago. They work great with my clipper vac and for doing reverses with Wahl Competition Blades.

I tried to pick up a third last year, but they had made a change to it so that it would no longer take my blades. Discussions with the vendor revealed this was a known issue, but there was no resolution. It would pull them off their channels and make them very difficult to remove, so we ended up sending it back.

Now that the Drive Levers have worn down a bit on the sides, causing the blades to rattle, I tried replacing the lever with a new one, and it has the same issues as the new Aesculap Fav5s had, making them unusable for the Wahl Competition Blades.

I even tried filing down the Driver Lever a bit to see if it was causing it to bind up, but I think I pretty much just ruined that Drive Lever.

I really like the Fav5 with clipper vac and Wahl Competition blades for doing reverses. Nothing else I have tried has left me with as good a finish at the end.

Has anyone else had these problems? Any suggestions as to a different blade to use, a different clipper to use, or how to get the Fav5 to work with Wahl Competition Blades?

Thank you so much for your assistance.