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    Default My travel kit for house call cat grooming

    I am obsessed with carrying as little as possible for my house call cat grooming visits. "Schlepping" up and down steps, and watching other groomers get chronic injuries from carrying awkward loads, is motivation. Who can afford to be injured?

    Also, maybe, maybe will be putting together a book(let?) to help aspiring groomers who need to bring in some money asap, sharing tips on how to get started fast in a safe, compassionate way, when it is crucial to be bringing in at least a bit of income from the start.

    * The DVD is shown as a size reference. The grooming supplies are about as thick as 3 dvd's stacked on each other. This kit is for a short-haired cat who is air-dried. For a long-haired cat, I would also bring my Dyson blow dryer. Everything would fit into a small nylon backpack.
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    Very good Emma. I’ve often wondered about how you pack stuff around the city.


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