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    Default Looking for a replacement for the Wahl Bravura

    I love my Wahl Bravura because it is really quiet and I can work on little dogs faces without them getting scared. Problem, I am really tired of fighting with that blasted 5 in 1 blade. I would like to replacement it with something that runs really quiet and gentle but doesn't use the 5 in 1. I'm not looking to spend 4 or 5 hundred on a new one because I only groom part time. I would appreciate any input on this. Thanks in advance.

    Mutt Cutz in Michigan

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    Are you looking for something that mostly does corner of eyes and pads?
    Before the 5 in 1 clippers came out I used the Wahl Mini Arco. It has one blade that is equal to a 40. Itís small and quiet and cordless. It also comes with some plastic snap-on blades. They work nicely on faces and tiny front legs.

    I gave my husband one of my old Mini Arcos. He does his beard with one of the attachments on it. Perfect length every time and I donít have to scissor his face. (He hates when I mindlessly try to hold him under the chin or by the nose. Old habits die hard. Grin)

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    Me too dogma. I do not have much issues with the 5 in 1 but they need special maintenance and no issues. Jeff has a free handout on this.

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    5 n 1 are temperamental without regular maintenance. Jeff or someone else maybe has done instructions on this. Perhaps trying the newer models of the Motion and I think another...but I am not that familiar with them.

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    There's nothing on the market that compares to the Bravura except the Andis version with the 5N1 blade. I am on my 3rd Bravura over the years and cannot work without it. If you take care of the blade and clean and oil, they last a couple months before needing it sharpened or replaced. My black diamond blade is going on 3 months and still cuts like new.

    You cannot plow through coat like a regular clipper and blade. They can jam and if hair gets under the blade, it won't work well so you have to go slow and when working with the comb attachments, you need the coat fully combed out and no tangles and I feel the Bravura with the comb attachments leaves a better finish over a regular clipper with a 30 blade and comb attachments.


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