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    Laugh Just DIY'd a recirculating bathing system, what water:shampoo ratio do you recommend?

    Using Quadruped Yucca All-in-One shampoo.

    Starting using in a home bathtub with hair catcher in the drain.

    What ratio of water to product do you use? Or is it more of a trial and error to find the sweet spot after a few tries?

    Thank you!!

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    I love Quad all in one. But you need to test the ratio. Don't ask me why but maybe it's the water, but the recommended amount might work, or need a little more or less. Start with the recommendation. Test results, I find Quad recommendations typically are spot on, but if I had hard water?? Test test test. Yes test for the sweet spot. You are smart to use a hair catcher drain, especially if you are on well water too and you can clog your drain field. The cost of a new drain field is major thousands, but if you clog the public sewer, ouch. Good luck.

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    Absolutely test and test. Very much depends upon the system you are using. If you are not using one, start with the recommendation on the label.

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    I use 3 Quadruped products in a recirculating fine. Standard dilution according to product. By the way what type of DIY do you make?

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    I made one similar to the Hanvey system using a Lottle Giant 1/6HP motor. I had trouble finding a good hose so I ended up buying a dishwasher hose, cut off the pre-attached fittings, and used a garden hose male/female repair kit for a more flexible hose. I originally bought a 6ft garden hose that I think is used by RV people, but it wasnt pliable and makde it difficult to manuever.

    The whole system cost under $150 including the power foot pedal to turn off the system.


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