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    Did most groomers retire young? Since the bathing and scissoring were hard on the body, was the profession mostly for young people?
    Nope but I see your point? Food was better in the past unless you raise your own or buy best quality. Food, real food, gives you great energy. Today most food is filled with toxics like RoundUp. Did you see it has been proven cancerous and Costco is going to stop selling it, and guess what almost all food on every store shelf is full of it. Juries are awarding billions, about a billion so far, in settlements. But that is only one. We had no one with health issues from grooming back then. We may not have groomed as many but no one hardly was moaning from the work but some did have carpel issues. Energy wise, the further you go back food was better and healthier and few processed foods which are nearly worthless today save some responsible brands. I still make all our meals with zero processed foods and can work like a 30 year old when I am over twice that age.

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    This is interesting. It soubds like new tools have made grooming easier and faster and more profitable, yet health, and what a groomer can afford to buy, have not always improved due to other factors such as cost of housing, food processing.

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