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    Goofy Sedated cocker

    I won't be doing the groom but assisting. The sedation will be done by a vet a block away. My experience will be doing the bath with help sort of as a learning experience. I am just curious in advance any hints you might have. With sedation I hear that the dog will have to be pretty much supported body weight wise in the tub. Do you use an extra set of hands in the tub when you do a sedated pet. He will have a loose muzzle on him but to get the face clean enough it will be removed as long as the sedative is kicked in. I was told not to worry it won't come off if it is not safe enough to do the face. I don't know if they are taking the coat off before or after. It is in not good condition yet fairly short. He has had this done 3 times before about 3 months or 4 months apart.

    Any advice?

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    I've never done a dog under sedation...however, I did have a big lab that used to lie in the tub while I bathed him. He had a ton of skin issues and I don't know why he would lie down. I did get some medicated shampoo in his eye and a couple of days later, he ended up diagnosed with a corneal ulcer! I'm pretty sure it was the shampoo. So.. what I did from then on, instead of one towel folded under his head, I did two towels.. to really keep his head up from the shampoo.

    I'm curious as to this dog's story. I wonder if they've tried just plain Trazodone on him and kept him awake?? Just a thought. Ask questions lol. I mean if it has to be done, it has to be done.

    And just so YOU know, you can mentally tuck this in YOUR brain.. prolonged anesthesia, done often, can be damaging to the parathyroid glands, which then in turn causes high calcium levels... which left unchecked can cause kidney failure. That I have first hand experience with with a cat I had!
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    I have done many sedated dog in 30 yrs. You are just the groomer and learn. Nothing to stress about.
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    I've done a couple of sedated groomings.....I was warned that the sedation only lasts about 1 hour, so I had to work fairly quickly. I laid the small dog down in the tub, and I put a rounded shampoo bottle under his neck to keep his face/nose from breathing in water. The bath/groom luckily was pretty uneventful. The groom was done in my van outside the vet clinic.

    Happy sleeping thru my groom

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    Good job Dolly with using that shampoo bottle. We rarely do sedated dogs any more and find having 2 persons is best. So you found a good way for one person.

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    I leave sedated pets to the vets, those with groomers. It takes so much extra time.


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