I have a client with a SCWT named Winston moving to L.A. in the next month or so and I was hoping to find a grromer willing to take him on as a new client.

Winston is approxamitelty a year old and is a bit of a handful. The owner is aware of his behaviour and is very understanding. Winston is wonderful for the bath but can not tolerate a HVD and needs to be kenneled dryed or hand dried. On the table he will bite at equipment and try to barrel roll when handling his feet. I find an E-collar to be helpful. He respond well to positive reinforcement and treats. He has progressed satifactorly with having his face trimmed by classical conditioning. He is a super sweet dog and lovea to give kisses. He just requires a patient groomer willing to take the time to help him with the grooming process. If you think you are that groomer please PM me and we can exchange info. I also have video of his grooming to help show where his issues are.