KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- From show dogs to toy dogs, one business in the Volker neighborhood is capitalizing on pampering pets.

The day FOX4 stopped by Simply Grooming by Gia, co-owner Jennifer Orton was prepping her 5-year-old poodle Albus for Valentine's day, carving hearts out of his coat.

But Albus isn't the only pet that frequents the shop.

"We do from itty bitty chihuahuas to mastiffs," Orton said.

And no matter the size, they all can be a bit high maintenance.

"We do mud baths, spa treatments, paw soaks," she said. "We do a lots of brush outs and maintenance to keep the dogs however their owners want them."

Orton said a lot of pet owners that come to her use their dog's coat to express their own creativity...............