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    Default Limiting travel area

    What method did you use to decide on a travel area? Are you happy with the results?

    I decided today to limit my travel area for new clients to a much smaller part of NYC. My client base is now stable enough to allow me to do this. Even though NYC has extensive 24hr public transportation, it is possible to spend an uncomfortable hour getting from one part of the city to another -- though the distance on a map may be only a mile or two. You could walk as quickly -- if the streets weren't jammed with pedestrians. The subway is, in my opinion, filthy, rodent-yy, and tragically has mentally ill people who have no place to get safe mental health care. (I love this city, but facts are facts and rats are rats.)

    Also, thinking ahead to some day when I sell my business, I want to have a business that will strongly appeal to a buyer. Having to travel all over NYC is not appealing, even if the fees are at a high level, and the clients are excellent in both personality and ability to schedule regular visits.

    I changed my voicemail message and website. I know I am giving up some excellent prospects by doing this, but one reason I am paying the high rents of NYC is that I chose to live in an area where there would be many clients within walking distance.

    This is an experiment, so it may or may not work out well for me. I do need to keep increasing my income, and this definitely cause me to miss my targets.

    What do you think?

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    We are planning to visit with my friends in the summer break. We are little worried about the place that we should choose to visit. Suggestions will be appreciated.

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    The AKC Museum of the Dog.
    Some of the best dog art ever. Absolutely beautiful paintings, sculptures, historic pieces. I wouldn’t miss it.


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