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    Hi. I want to become a cat groomer and please tell me how did you study and start your cat groomer career. I attended grooming school however there was no chance I touch the cats. I know how to groom dog. Also I read cat grooming books.I glow up with cat so I have knowledge however I am scared to start take the customer. I live in NYC if anybody has any idea how I can start my career please advice me.

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    You should check out The National Cat Groomers Institute. That might be a good place to start. Another option would be to see if you can dind an appreticeship with a local cat groomer to start getting some hands on experience. Good luck!
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    Thank you for response. I was interesting NCGI. I will check as you recommend.

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    Do you have cats now? What kind of grooming do you do for your cat? You can start off by offering basic services that you already know how to do. For example, many people need someone to trim their cat's claws. You can do that. Charge enough money that it is worth your time.
    Some people need to have their short-haired cat bathed. You can do that.
    If you start by performing basic tasks, you will slowly gain experience in gently and safely handling cats.
    Start out by only grooming friendly cats. If you have your own business, you can create whatever business model you want. Screen clients, so as to avoid cats who are terrified or wild.
    Avoiding bites is important to your future. As a beginner, you may want to use e-collars on new cat clients, since that does not hurt the cat and does protect your body.
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    Thanks Emma! Yes I have short hair cat and I cut her nail, bath, dry,,, I do all basic but I never shave her coat. I will start from basic that something I can do. Thank you for advice.


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