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    Default Shift to pre-pay membership. Money back. Housecall cats.

    Ok, so I started doing a membership program, in the simplest way . . . sharing this for people who might be interested in hearing about my attempts to grow so you can copy, or see it as a cautionary tale, haha.

    I make one visit, to get to know the cat and the owner during the house call. If that goes well, I tell the owner they can get weekly/bi-weekly/monthly visits at a big discount (even 50% sometimes) if they 1) pre-pay and 2) have me visit at least once a month.
    I tried asking for them to schedule in advance, but that was a headache for me, so for now, it's just getting payment in advance. Is it too big a discount? Not really, because the non-members are - in a way - paying a penalty -- they just don't realize it. They're paying much more than members. So they subsidize members.

    BUT I make it clear before my first visit, on my site, and then after the visit, that they don't have to pay anything if they aren't 150% satisfied with my work. Aren't I afraid of getting ripped off? Well, that could happen, but I always gave money back if someone was unhappy anyway -- all that's different is I'm saying it up front.

    Started doing this about a month ago. Have 2 new clients who want membership. I have another client who isn't technically in the club, but pre-pays anyway and I'll be giving her thank you gifts from trade shows or whatever else I can think of. With clubs, its important to show people they're valued, which is SO easy to mess up. I gave a highly valued client a cheap gift once -- not just cheap, but something that wasn't thoughtful -- and immediately knew I'd messed up badly by not showing her how much I really do value her.

    If this works out, I'll write a manual or something to sell so other people can try it. So far, my profit this month is looking good, but have to say, this does take work.

    Would love to hear about other grooming clubs and pre-pay grooming services.

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    I am very interested. Great project idea, but sort of radical. This should be a seminar topic at a trade show.

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    Funnily enough, me and my employer were talking today about doing prepay at a, discounted rate, for my salon, and to give these clients essentially preferential treatment plus occasional upgrades and freebies too. Hopefully it's going to be a membership type club thingy. It's only ideas at the moment as we have only just opened, but it's something we are looking into.


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