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    Jiggy CLEARANCE - Grooming Business Closure (Bandanas, Bows, Blades, etc)

    1 - BANDANAS: I used to sew my own and here are the left-overs from over the years (many sold already, so don't wait!) - all fabrics are washed, edges finished with industrial serger - selling them below cost through my new business:

    2 - BOWS AND FLOWERS: Selling at 75% to 80% off what I paid for, $175 for the following items (click link for pictures:

    45 Hot Bows no-slip French clips
    27 Hot Bows with latex bands
    300+ other bows and flowers

    3 - BLADES & COMB ATTACHMENTS: Brand new blades and magnetic comb attachments set, selling them all for $50 (click link for picture:

    4 - HAMMOCK/SUPPORT: Brand new, size medium, paid $40, selling for $15 (click link for picture:

    5 - LOOPS: 6 loops (3 small, 2 medium, 1 large), selling all 6 for $18 (click link for picture:

    6 - Chris Christensen STAND: Lightly used, in great condition, size small 7.5", paid $60, selling for $20 (click link for picture:

    7 - COAT HANDLER CONDITIONNER: 3 brand new gallons, selling $15 each (cost $33+ new)

    8 - MARSH MELLO DEMATTER: 3 brand new 33oz bottles, selling $12 each (cost $21+ new)

    9 - MORE BANDANAS: Due to a lack of interest, I'm also liquidating all the single layer bandanas from my new business:

    Shipping not included, please email me if you are interested at or text me at 310-709-1588
    I live in Los Angeles if you live in the area and want to arrange a pick-up.

    Thank you and happy grooming!!

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    We approved this post for now. This is a good sponsor of the board. We will be copying it over to the Classified Ads.
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    Ooh I love to shop sometimes. That is what tip jars are about.


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