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    Confused How many of you carry safety cones or stanchions in your mobile?

    My gen had an issue today so I had to plug in. No problem really. They opened the garage door, but the steep driveway left me parking on the flat street level. So I ran the cord across the sidewalk. I put a couple rocks to hold it down. Well a few minutes later another neighbor comes by and says "You are violating our HOA rules." Not nice. I asked why and she said rocks won't do. You have to put out 2 bright safety cones or stanchions to alert us to the cord.

    I sucked and said I am sorry and will be done in 15 minutes and it won't happen again. Anyone ever heard of this one. My customer just smiled and said let it go.

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    Rule of thumb always ask your client what the hell is going on. She may be right though. Well at least she didn't call 911. I do carry some reflectors and mini cone thingies if I break down. They came with the van. Something tells me she is a nosey neighbor. I don't know but I suspect she hates the generator noise. Didn't she realize that meant no genie noise? Probably not, she might have thought it would come on anytime. Well Brit was licking Candy canes through Christmas when people complained they couldn't get a holiday appointment with priority last minute. Brit do you have any canes for her? If not, they are on sale everywhere now at clearance prices. LOL


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