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    Smile Cat Compulsive Licking Cats

    How can I help her stop the compulsive licking?
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    I have seen cats lick so much they do go bare. No solutions here though. Bitters or ? I know some dogs that actually like peppers and bitters and well they are usually those RANCH DOGS. Fun dogs if you know what I mean. Like cattle dogs that think they are cowboys or cowgirls. What a trip they are.

    To the point, I would look for a natural determent like bitter apple and I would find a natural supplement that relieves stress. It is not always separation holistic vet even says it is shown by studies today the wacko variations never before seen the last few years is the Schuman Resonance causing strange anxiety in humans too. It has gone off the scale hundreds of times after being stable for thousands of years. I keep an open mind.


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