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    Default Looking at used vans likely Hanvey or WagnTails - have question

    I am assisting one of my groomers to go mobile and she will be moving about 100 miles away. We don't know a lot about vans. The most basic question to start with is the make. i see so many Dodges and Fords. Which one is better for mobiles in your opinion?

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    Well that is a loaded question. I have asked guys that for years and it seems they adopt chevy, ford or dodge as a badge they wear. You can even feel the friction between those not on the same team you know. 30 years later they stay on track like it is a loyalty thing, a game where they have to support their team. That's men at least some of them. I gave up and did my homework like reading reviews like Consumer reports. I bought used and the groomer have the van for a couple three years and she had all the records. So she had a Ford and I went with that, and did not play the competition. Ask for records from the buyer no matter the brand.


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