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    Animated Wink MD Community College to Offer Dog Grooming Program 6 Months

    Harford Community College is excited to announce the launch of a new dog grooming program to begin in April 2019.

    In addition to in-class instruction and hands-on practice at Harford’s Edgewood Hall on campus, students will also have the advantage of an externship in a local pet grooming salon where they will have instructors to guide them through each grooming session, providing feedback every step of the way. Students can complete this program in less than six months.

    Professional dog grooming is a thriving field with a bright future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession is growing much faster than other fields, with a projected growth rate of 22 percent. Dog groomers can earn an hourly rate, freelance, or own or manage a pet salon.

    For more information on program details and registration information, visit or contact Michelle Skinner at 443-412-2338 or
    Coordinators post updates to the message for grooming events, members contests, Classified Ads, GroomerTALK Radio shows and Magazine online.

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    wish something like this was around for me when I graduated high school

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    Absolutely agree I don't think they realize how many people expecially after high school would love a career trade school with grooming.


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