I'm doing an experiment where I offer free cat grooming guidance through a regular phone call or Skype or even email, but phone or Skype will be more helpful.
It's free because I'm doing research. I think I know what's needed, but everyone thinks that they know what other people want, right?, so it's better if I can get your feedback while giving you what I believe will be very useful information.
It's to learn how to start making money right away (ethically and with a kind attitude) providing BASIC grooming, since basic grooming is what most owners seem to want.
I needed money when I started cat grooming. I was over the hill, in terms of corporate recruiters, so I was up against the wall. (Up against the wall and over the hill, ha ha!) But I'm also very focused on being gentle, so it's not just about money.
Anyway, I hope this isn't against policy for the forum? If it is, I understand if the post is deleted.
If it isn't, and you want some free guidance so I can do research, send me a message here.
I'm thinking 5 or 10 minute sessions, to get you thinking and working on how you're going to add cat grooming to your salon or house call service in the next 2 weeks (yes, you can add BASIC pre-screened cat service that fast.)
I used to do corporate training for an international manufacturer, so I'm pretty sure I have teaching skills. You can tell me if I do