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    Hey! I am posting this message below for a new member learning how to post on the board:

    I bought a Wheeled Coach ambulance conversion on an Ford E350 chassis. I am seeking help and or suggestions for the conversion, and I’m finding sources on the Internet very difficult. Any help from your website would be greatly appreciated, but I don’t know how to post to the forum. Thanks in advance, and I’m looking forward to your response. Their member name is PuppyPond
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    There is a bit of information on this site. Mainly searching for generators and invertors. YouTube has a bit of information, but also search for van conversions. The Promaster and Sprinter forums contain a lot of information on van conversions. Google search and you will find the forums. Also looking at the for sale pictures will also give you some information on how other peoples conversions look. Good Luck.

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    Agree there are YouTube vids even those were posted here before.


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