hi everyone! So I recently (a couple months ago) switched over from Andis 2 speeds to the excel 5 speeds. I love them as they are Much more agile and nimble than my old pair. They ran really quietly for about a month and now out of the blue run much more loudly. I havenít dropped them or anything of the sort. Itís almost like a rattle like vibration or bearing twirling out of control hard to describe. My fellow groomer had the same problem with a pair she had and had to get them repaired for approx 60 dollars but doesnít know exactly what they did. Iíve replaced the drive blade and also put a brand new latch on briefly so see if that was the culprit. To my dismay Iím still looking for a fix. I suppose I could send them to andis for warranty work but I really donít want to go back to my 2 speeds even temporarily. They are like grooming with a brick now lol.

Anyway thanks all ideas are appreciated. Cheers

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