Groomsoft Pet Grooming Software New features for October 2018

Bulk SMS - You can now send a personalized text message to many clients at once! Bulk SMS is something that you will be able to use for all sorts of reasons, such as:
● Send out a discount code or special promotion to all of your clients with just a few clicks.
● For mobile grooming, if your van breaks down, send out a bulk message to let everyone know of the delays.

To learn more about this new and exciting feature, watch our YouTube tutorial at

As always, we are working hard to provide Groomers with the tools they need to not only work, but to save time and money. For more information on our text messaging features, check out our web site at

Email future appointments - Previously, to share a list of recurring appointments with your client you had to either print them out or manually copy/paste into an email. Now, this could be done from the create/edit appointment page by clicking the “Email future appointment list” link or from the Recurring Appointments page by clicking on the email icon in the actions column next to the customer’s name!

Other Groomsoft features released earlier this year

Groomer Scheduling - Make appointment scheduling easier! Know who is working on a selected date plus many other features such as blocking time out of the day for no grooms.

Watch how Groomer Scheduling works here

Limited Employee - An Authorization level that only allows your employees to view and manage only the appointments assigned to them without being able to see other groomer's appointments.

New templates for Groomsoft Messenger - Create custom messages that you could use when sending text messages. Additionally, you can set a default template that is used whenever you go to send a text message.

Watch how Groomsoft Messenger templates work here

Send multiple appointment reminders - Appointment reminders can be sent twice on different days to help reduce no shows and increase revenue.

Watch how Appointment Reminder Settings work here

Manage your recurring appointments - Recurring appointment list showing all your customers with recurring appointments is available in the Appointments menu .

Waiting List - When your calendar is all booked up, you can now add a new or existing customer to the waiting list.
The waiting list is accessible from the Appointment or Maps menus .

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