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    Animated Wink Study Suggest Letting Dogs Sleep in Bed is Good for Chronic Pain Sufferers

    Healthcare providers often recommend removing pets from the bedroom in order to improve a patient’s sleep quality. While dogs can certainly be disruptive bed hogs, a study conducted by the University of Alberta suggests their presence may be “overwhelmingly positive” for pet parents suffering with chronic pain.

    “When you ask people to remove an animal they are in the habit of co-sleeping with, it could have consequences the health-care provider hasn’t considered,” says Cary Brown of UA’s Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. “For some people with chronic pain, their relationship with their pet could be the only one they have and the comfort that dog or cat produces would be lost. It’s equivalent to kicking their partner out of bed.”...........................
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    My daughter works as a caregiver while going to school. She takes her sweet gentle shi poo to some clients with their permission. It makes them smile and relax, even talk where they might be very quiet and withdrawn.


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