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    Default Couple of questions about trailers and payments

    Heyo all,
    Ive been a groomer now for about 3yrs at a brick&mortar store and have been tossing around the idea for awhile of starting my own business and going mobile. There is a need for it in my area and it would be the most affordable way for me to be able to start up my own grooming business.

    My ball park plan is to do this in the next 3 to 4 years. That allows me to take care of my current personal issues, gain more grooming experience, and do more research and info gathering into the mobile grooming business.

    So far ive decided that a trailer would be the best thing to use for a few different reasons, so in my head so far thats my plan.
    Just for grooming what size do ya'll recommend, i plan on doing some larger dogs like labs& smaller doodles nothing gigantic and the second question is how do ya'll hand credit card payments?
    Cash checks i imagine are very easy as you can just keep a lock box on hand, but what about credit cards? Or do ya'll only do cash and checks?
    And do ya'll collect payment before hand? Does the owner have to be at the house when you start to get payment or is there like some agreed time they come back to pay if their not home when you arrive how does that work?

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    Well I am not mobile now but did mobile years ago. I avoid checks for first time customers. Cash is always welcome. But get something like Square to take cards, we take A LOT OF CARDS today, debit cards especially which you can still run through like a CC. I never charge before the groom when I was mobile. I would safely keep their CC info if they are not going to be there. Keep in mind that you very very much responsible for the safety of handling cards and storing numbers like. In my shop today I still have to fill out a yearly merchant form questionnaire that asks how I safely keep records like this.

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    Square is easy for credit card payments. Regular customers LEAVE checks or cash if they are not going to be home. I do not like storing their credit info at my home. You could do this in a 6 by 9 trailer that is small, another step up would be more pleasant.


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