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Thread: Grooming pants?

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    Default Grooming pants?

    I am 5'3", size medium. Which brand of grooming pants do you find to be long-lasting, sturdy and comfortable?

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    I don't wear official grooming pants. I wear Eddie Bauer hiking pants. They don't shed hair as well but they look great and wear extremely well. I've never paid full price. They're regularly o.k. Sake for a significant discount. I'm mobile and fleece lined ones are on their second year of use and they look like new.

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    I get mine from Groomers choice. I use the side cargo pockets to hold treats. I'm 5'6 and find the inseam a bit to long for me so you might need to heam the bottoms but they are a very durable pant. I have had mine for over 5 years and still in good shape. I wear a pair of long johns under them in the winter as they are not warm at all. But they are super cool for the summer months. So it all depends on yuour weather. Here's a link:
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