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    Animated Eyebrows Started a mobile and shop business at the same time

    I mentioned this in another thread but we found a great formula for a husband wife team. We bought a used Wag'n Tails and fixed everything bright and shiny. We also bought an inexpensive existing shop for less than $10K. We invested $8K for a big makeover and have kept 121 regulars for about 6 months now. The shop also acts as the booking service for the mobile which is really a pleasure for the mobile groomer. No calls after work and customers calling to book don't go to voicemail, they get instant phone booking. We got our business plan funded and have already paid off 25% of it, a year ahead of where we thought we would be with payments. The bank says if you need more come back. The shop customers loved the makeover and new professional service. We barely raised prices. We have about 60 regulars in the mobile division. Most will stay there because at some point we won't be able to take more mobile customers unless we lose some. At this rate we should be booked year round in mobile next Spring.

    We are going to sell and move our home eventually so we can have a better outbuilding garage to store the van. In fact we can probably lower our house payment a lot by moving further out, about 15 minutes.

    We are catching up on the board here. We have enough business to keep us pretty busy 6 days a week. It is really fun to be able to groom in the shop one day and then do a day of mobile. None of the customers have complained about mobile services are higher for the convenience, except maybe 2. But you explain why and they understand.

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    This sounds so exciting I’m so happy for you!

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    Great idea. I would love having a tiny shop to one day retire to. In the meantime the shop could manage the appt scheduling and I would have less voicemail to catch up on.

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    I get a lot of requests this past year for mobile, I would love to do the same. I thought about working shop 3 days and mobile 2 days.


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