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    Grin Beautiful Finishing Touches: Collar Attachments, Hair Beautilities & Bandanas

    Accoutrement offers simple, yet unique accessories for pets, and people. As of now, we offer 3 lines of distinctive products:

    Bandanas: What is most special about them is that we wash all the fabrics prior to sewing, to remove all the dangerous chemicals, as well as the nasty smells. We also take great pride in the prints that we carefully pick. All the edges are professionally finished with a 4 thread serger stitching.

    Collar Attachments: We offer gorgeous fabric flowers, some even have rhinestones, pearls, etc., and these flowers can be attached around the pets’ collar/harness/leash with a reusable Velcro band. They can also be used by people as decoration on a purse, shoes, etc. We will soon launch bowties using the same type of attachment.

    Hair Beautilities: You can buy bows everywhere, but we offer exceptional fabric flowers. The back of the flowers are hand-sewn with 2 medium 5/16” latex bands for back-up security, and a dab of fabric glue for maximum durability.

    All our products are lovingly handmade in Los Angeles, CA. We care deeply about all human beings, as well as the environment, and that translates in everything we do, creating as little waste as possible, using eco-friendly products, etc. Accoutrement works very hard to make sure that your pets look and feel fabulous, in the most healthy and affordable way possible. Please visit our website for all details about our products and see our vast selection.

    We are not reinventing the wheel, we’re refining it! Visit our website at
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    I bought another batch. Perfect! I never imagined the quality. If you have just want to do something extra special for those extra special customers try these. They will last and last.


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