Some people have experienced blocks to login. You can send us an email and we can help you clear your cache, browsing history if you don't know how to do this. This can happen where you login, and if more than one person logins here on your computer the browser can become confused.

OK there are a few people that have connectivity issues on occasion. Sometimes they can access by phone, but PC is fine, or vice versa. Lately one of our members was (and this always happens) they call their Internet provider who tells them we are blocking you. Well, that is not true. With further study she found out it was an issue with her router, and it wasn't us. We cannot make anyone's hardware have these problems.

So let us say this to our members.

1) NO ONE HAS A BANNED STATUS HERE. NOT A SINGLE ONE. We simply remove their posts during moderation instead and 99% of the time it is spam, and not a groomer in the first place. So if anyone on social media tells you we are blocking or banning them, not true, not at all. May look like it, but we do not.

2) NO ONE HAS THEIR I.P. BLOCKED HERE. We can block an IP address. But once again, we are not and have not blocked IP addresses (which would be for a major spammer) for at least 10 years. There are serious spammers, every day, selling everything under the sun that has nothing to do with grooming. Instead, we simply remove their trash during moderation.

If anyone tells you they are blocked or banned here, it's just a story, or it is mistaken perception, and they can send us an email or call and we will try to find out why they are having an issue. Many years ago we did have a 5 or less disruptors and did ban them, but those were all released like 10 years ago. And we simply asked that they simply stop posting. About 90% or the time, at least, login problems are relieved by clearing the cache, browsing history and cookies, and restarting their browser. That restart is critical to finish the clear. The other anomalies seem to be problems with hardware as mentioned above. Something totally out of our control. In fact, we had this same thing happen once with a Cisco router and a tech helped clear it up.