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    Smile Cages are better for pets than barrier pens

    That's my experience and I was actually trained this. I see more groomers using barrier pens and they have their uses. I have one that sometimes works well for doing several puppies of the same litter. Or just temp if I run out of cage space. Some groomers say the dogs are helper in open pens. I say, that is anything but a rule. Most dogs but certainly not all settle down quickly in their cages here. They feel IMO more restful. A cage is like burrow. The animal only has to face toward the exit of the burrow, which is also the entrance of a predator or just visual distraction. But in a cage pen there is activity everywhere 360 degrees. For this reason many of them settle down more quickly without distraction on all ends. I have proven it too many times and some crate freaks get it.

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    I feel the pets are safer. I have seen larger dogs knock pens over with pets in them, or jump in.

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    yes, I prefer crates. Lots of these dogs are climbers-too much could happen. In defense of crates, when I had my commercial shops and had a number of dogs in together, I tried to always put them in the same crate. Most of them would run in and go right to 'their' crate-really impressed the owners.
    Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

    Groom on!!!


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