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    Animated Wink Grooming On the Go

    People spend billions each year on pet care, and grooming is a large part of that. Demand for mobile grooming, in particular, continues to increase, often seemingly regardless of external economic factors. In addition to job security and good income, there are a number of reasons that many groomers choose to go mobile. Many cite the personalized service that they are able to give their clients and the improvement in the pets’ experience due to the quieter more intimate environment that a mobile unit provides, as well as the one-on-one experience since mobile stylists usually work on only one pet at a time. Others enjoy the quiet and solitude, while many agree that the flexibility for their schedule is an important factor. But there’s a downside to everything, and mobile grooming doesn't come without its challenges.

    Jane Cagney has owned TLC Mobile Pet Grooming in Mendham, N.J., since 2007. One of her biggest challenges has been scheduling, but in her case it’s because she’s completely booked.

    “I was turning people away and still saw a need in the area,” says Cagney. “My waiting list is all referrals from existing clients and I still couldn’t fit any in.ˮ

    So, she bought a second van. TLC grooms all breeds, as well as cats, and since it’s very physical work, she hired a second groomer and had them help her while she ensured that the way the grooms turned out and customer service provided were as similar as possible. They sometimes still work together, since two people can dry, brush, comb and scissor at the same time, but often both vans are on the road...........use link for rest of article
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    Actually a pretty good article.


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