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    Default NDGAA Practical Testing Questions!

    I am signed up for a NDGAA workshop and testing in a few months. I will be doing all the written tests, and practicals on Non-Sporting, Long and Short Legged Terriers. I have a miniature poodle, she will be 11 months old during the workshop. She is going to be shown, so she is in a puppy clip.
    It takes me soooo long to groom her to perfection. 2 hours before I spray her up! And that does not include prep work! Now, this is 100% hand scissored, I don't really know how to cut time with combs on this cut.... maybe that is my answer? I am sure that is because she is my first dog I have ever done this haircut on, so I have to concentrate the whole time. My autopilot mode does not function with her lol...

    Question(s): Does the testing demand PERFECTION? Or, just a really good groom? I'm sure the grade of 100% is "perfection" and the passing grade is "good enough," but I am stressing about this particular groom. Should I try to figure out attachment comb hacks on this groom to save time? Should I focus on the "good enough" groom for her, and perfect as much as I can during the time allotment? Can I skip the spray up??? Can I spray up before I groom her (as part of the prep)??

    I'm sure I will have more questions I am worrying about over the next few weeks, thank you so much!

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    I have not done this. But the comb could save some time as you think. I wouldn't at this point make achieving perfection my goal, you are just getting started ath this

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    Cal NDGAA. Jef will get you in touch with a certifier. Thes questions can be answered during the workshop but you also want to make sure that clip is allowed to be certified on. I'm not sure it is.
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