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    Default Using Fear Free techniques for housecall cat grooming

    I earned Fear Free Veterinary Professional certification a few weeks ago. Now I am trying to put it into practice. In case anyone is interested, this is what I am doing.
    I stopped a grooming session with a sweet cat who was stressed out by being shaved on the belly/groin. Many cats are scared of that area being shaved. I could have restrained him enough to get it done, most likely, but I'm tired of forcing cats through processes that scare them. It bums me out. The Fear Free process says to stop when an animal is stressed- unless it is an emergency - and to work on other ways of proceeding.

    So the cat's human is working on getting him used to being touched on the belly. She is awesome. She is brushing him while he lays on his back in her lap. She does it for less than 15 minutes, since that is how much time he gives her. So far she has been able to comb out some of the mats I was hired to shave off. I will visit again in a few weeks to hopefully complete the grooming session.
    The cat's human is pretty excited about being able to groom her own cat this way. It's nice to see the bonding that goes on when I get the owner involved.

    Hope I'm not Fear Free-ing myself out of a job, but I really had to make a change for my own sake.

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    I hope you keep us informed of your progress with this. I am very interested in it potentially too.


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