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    Mad Inverter system and K9-2 dryer

    I'm wondering if an inverter system can be used to power a K9-2 dryer? We are converting a truck and will be using an inverter system and a generator. We read that the inverter and batteries should run all the tools except the A/C, which we will need the generator for. My husband did a mock up to test before we install it in the truck. After running my K9-2 I noticed a hot smell. Today the fuse box going from the inverter to the batteries started smoking. Needless to say, I turned everything off. I just read an old post from 2017 that said the K9-2 needs to be run off of the generator- is this true?

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    I run my K9II off my inverter with no issue at all. I now have a 4k inverter but previously had a 3K also with no issues. However, you will need one heck of a battery bank ( I have five 200AH batteries) and make sure that when you run the genny it's charging the bank. Otherwise you will go through batteries quickly.

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    Thank you! I currently have a 3000 watt inverter and 4 deep cycle rv batteries. We were thinking of adding 2 more batteries. I would rather do that than use the gen. Because of the noise factor.

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    Exactly as Cockerlvr said. We have 6 200AH batteries.

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    Thank you!


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