FAYETTE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A video captures the heart-melting reunion between a dog and his owner after being separated for about a week following a car accident.

Sloth could be heard whimpering with happiness as his owner, Kristian Doyle, finally embraced him again in a video posted to Facebook this week.

A family was in a car accident on the West Virginia turnpike in Fayette County April 10 according to Ryan McClure who works on the turnpike.

McClure says the wreck was during the shift before his and that a tractor trailer hit the family's vehicle.

Sloth, the family's pet dog, went missing during the accident.

McClure went out looking for the dog and didn't stop for days, even on his days off. He searched from the Pax area to the Mossy area.

This Tuesday, about a week later, McClure found Sloth at an abandoned building on Paint Creek Road near Mossy.

Volunteers and Michael Moore from Wags for Whiskers Pet Grooming helped get the dog.

McClure then arranged a reunion with the family. They connected on Facebook. He drove to Ohio, just past Marietta, to bring them their beloved pet.

Just before 3 p.m. Tuesday, McClure posted a touching video of the reunion to Facebook.

He also wanted to mention that the Fayette County Humane Society helped with the situation as well. McClure says he may be the one who took the video, but several volunteers gave their time to reach this happy ending.