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    No clue either what 'the cloud' is. Probably would have had a theory about it in the 70's. But it sounds like you have found a productive way to pass the time between appointments, and reduce or eliminate working after hours. Good for you!

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    The cloud is storing some of your records on space you buy or rent on someone else's servers so you can access them via the Internet anywhere in the world.

    For example, I buy some movies from Amazon. I don't get a blu ray or dvd disc. Those movies are stored digitally for me on Amazon's servers. No matter where I am i an use my smartphone or anyone's computer or my home computer and watch those movies by getting on the Internet. I no longer need a dvd player or to buy dvd discs, my digital movies are on Amazon's clouds (servers).

    Well I can do the same thing with my grooming software. Today you can get Quickbooks in the cloud. You don't need the software on your computer at home or business. You just get on the Internet and login to Quickbooks online, and all my business data is there. Wherever there is internet my quickbooks business data is available. I am not dependent on having my data at home or business on a computer's hard drive.

    Some grooming programs today are on clouds and you don't buy and install the program on your home or business computer, the data is in the cloud space I rent and then accessible anywhere there is Internet. So a mobile groomer can get on the Internet at a client's house and look at every customers records from their van, they are not tied to having the grooming information back in their home office where they live.

    Does that explain it, and you don't have to buy the grooming software, you can often just rent it monthly and all your data is stored in their cloud. So the cloud is just off site storage of your business records such as sales, client info etc. Especially convenient for mobile groomers.

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    Very nice explanation, Brit.

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    The cloud is pretty much data storage on a remote server rather than on your device. With cloud storage, you would need internet access. Brit did a great job explaining this. With all the modern technology, I could never imagine going back to storing my business information on a device along, especially being with a mobile business. Google Drive is a great way to keep all your client data stored, but if you'd like to cut down on your time spent with office work, I'd highly recommend using a software as it does wonders for a business! It saves me so much time that I rarely have to do any work at home.
    You'd be able to access your data faster, access groom notes faster and more accurately, access your sales and all financial reports in just a few clicks, they even have mapping and routing which is a life saver when it comes to being mobile. I use Pawfinity.

    I personally like to call my clients to remind them of their appointments, that way I can still talk to them and even sell them add-ons or retail items, but it sends out automated reminders as well. And they give you a website that shows up in the search results, so it may help with forgetting to put up flyers I actually started as a house call groomer years ago, then moved to mobile, and now I own a salon/kennel with mobile vans. I do miss the housecall days sometimes though, it was kind of neat setting everything up in the client's home and having conversations with them! I felt like I got to know them much better than I do now

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    eh I wouldn't use pawfinity. they're so secretive about letting you watch any kind of video about what their software does. whata joke

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