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    Huh Shears brand help!

    Hi guys! ^^
    I am new at grooming and I groom only my dogs for show. I want to buy good quality shears. I will use shears for double coated breed. I thought I will need a straight one (8-9 inches) and blenders (8-9 inches). I looked these brands: Chris Cristensen, Sharkfin, Geib, Legacy...Could you tell which one do you use, give some advice, recommend somthing, shear pros and cons? I will be very grateful if you share your experience!

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    All of those named brands product very good scissors, but you should view them at a grooming expo, where you can put them in your hands and try them before forking over $200+ per scissor. Shark offers a swivel thumb, which I could not get used to and traded it back for the standard scissor. CC offers free sharpening for the life time of the pay $8.50 each for handling and shipping.

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    Thanks! I don't live in USA and there is no where I could try the scissors more overe here I found only one web site where I can buy them. So I think I will buy them from US with delivery. But I don't know the pros and cons of each brand because I had never used them. And also I don't know for grooming spitz blenders or thinners?


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